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Childbirth in Genesis Dnepr IVF Clinic — is really special event and a holiday! Except comfort, service, a cosiness and tasty food, it is also a high level of attention to the patient, support at all stages. We express huge gratitude to all staff of maternity hospital for boundless care, reverent attitude and professionalism. Thanks to Olga Ivanovna. Pregnancy with You was incredibly easy that all 9 months allowed to enjoy it. Dear Igor Veniaminovich, we thank for creation of ideal clinic and maternity hospital. Thank you for being there!
The Sholokh Family: Alexander, Irina, Svyatoslav, Anastasia:)
Two years ago we discovered that I had fibroids and my husband had sperm motility and morphology issues. So..we started our IFV journey in “Genesis Dnepr”. The worst part by far was dealing with the failure cause I had 2 failed cycles of ICSI. Finally, I got pregnant on my third IVF cycle. We are very thankful to doctors of “Genesis Dnepr” for giving us hope, support and attention. Thank you for our two sons!!!
Thank you for your Top Class Service! We love your 5 Star Treatment! Kind Regards, Frankie & Ian from London England & U.S.A.
I just want to tell to all couples having an infertility issue, planning IVF treatment: never think negative, just complete the whole journey with a smile and positive hope of successful pregnancy!
Thanks a lot to all clinic staff, especially Prelygin I.V., Argat T.G., Gribanova L.V. - for helping to realize our long-awaited dream of life - giving a birth to a child. We wish prosperity to you and your clinic, and to have many grateful patients!
Marianna and Yuri
Today I have visited the unique place - Genesis Dnepr IVF Clinic. Many thanks to Perelygin Igor and Ponomareva Elena for their hospitality and professionalism! I am glad that our women have the opportunity to undergo examination, to be observed during pregnancy and after, to give birth, to learn the happiness of motherhood with the help of modern technologies! The clinic has the latest equipment, a cozy interior, friendly staff, an excellent service and a favorable atmosphere. Genesis Dnepr IVF considerably differs from other maternity hospitals of the city. Pregnancy and childbirth are very important period in the life of every family. I want maximum comfort, professionalism of staff and positive impressions! I would like to wish all women to give birth in clinic of such level as Genesis Dnepr IVF. The truth is that after Genesis there is no wish to go already anywhere and today I was convinced of it personally!
Drobnaya Elena
Thanks that you are such: — Attentive — Polite — Ideal professionals!!! Your clinic DOESN’T HAVE EQUAL! We wish you prosperity! Health to big and little patients of your clinic!
The Didyk Family

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